Royal Albert Hall, London
Wednesday 2 December – Sunday 6 December 2015

Champions Tennis 2015

Timings 2015

Scheduled timings for each session are as follows:

Wednesday – Friday sessions

Afternoon sessions
(2 matches)
Evening sessions
(2 matches)
Ends (approx.)4:30pm10:30pm

Saturday sessions

Afternoon session
(2 matches)
Evening session
Tie Break Tens
Ends (approx.)4:00pm9.00pm

Sunday sessions

Afternoon sessions
(2 matches including ATP Chmapions Tour Final)
Evening sessions
(2 matches)
Ends (approx.)2:30pm6:45pm

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The schedule for the 2015 Champions Tennis at the Royal Albert Hall will feature two matches each session; one competitive singles match and one entertaining doubles match.

Tie Break Tens is a new, quick-fire, super-competitive tennis format which will launch on the evening of Saturday 5th December at the Royal Albert Hall. It will feature six tennis stars, past and present, ten first-to-ten-point tie-break matches, and one champion at the end of the night.

The full order of play will be announced nearer the time.

2015 ATP Champions Tour Singles

Group AGroup B
James BlakeFernando Gonzalez
Younes El Aynaoui
Sébastien Grosjean
Tim HenmanXavier Malisse

Wednesday 2nd December

At 1.30pm

Gonzalez v Malisse
Larsson/Leconte v Murray/Wilander

At 7.30pm

Blake v Henman
Grosjean /Murray v El Aynaoui/Pernfors

Thursday 3rd December

At 1.30pm

Grosjeanv Gonzalez
Cash/Larsson v El Aynaoui/Leconte

At 7.30pm

McEnroe v Wilander
Bahrami/Malisse v Henman/Pernfors

Friday 4th December

At 1.30pm

Grosjean v Malisse
Bahrami/Larsson v Pernfors/Wilander
Tie Break Tens Qualifier Blake v Malisse

At 7.30pm

Blake v El Aynaoui
Tie Break Tens Qualifier El Aynaoui v Gonzalez
Cash/Grosjean v Gonzalez/Leconte

Saturday 5th December

At 1.00pm

El Aynaoui v Henman
Tie Break Tens Qualifier Finals
Bahrami/McEnroe v Cash/Pernfors

At 6.00pm

Tie Break Tens

Sunday 6th December

At 11.45am

ATP Champions Tour Final
Bahrami/TBC v Pernfors/TBC

At 4.00pm

Leconte v McEnroe
Cash/TBC v Larsson/Wilander

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*All timings may be subject to change and are dependent on the length of play. The Management reserves the right to alter the order of play at any time.

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