Led Reading Light For Bed – Full Buyer’s Guide

Are you a book worm and love reading books even at night? There are practically no disadvantages of reading books and there are a plethora of benefits to get and learn from it. Unfortunately, reading books at night may not be very convenient to many because of poor lighting. For others, using the main lights in the room may not be convenient since it can disturb others especially during the sleeping hours. Flashlights on the other hand can also prove to be useful in this regard however it doesn’t have much capability to be stored in small places and the radius as well as the brightness of the light cannot be controlled for smaller applications such as reading books. With the modern advancements that we have today, we are now able to read conveniently in the dark without having to disturb others – and that is through an LED reading light for bed. Here are a few things you need to know about this device.the books

LED Reading Lights

We could say that LED reading lights is among the handiest innovations that we have today. This is for the considerable number of applications that this device can be used and the level of convenience that it provides is beyond impressive. While this type of lighting device is much smaller than the ordinary lamp or light within the room, it also provides the same capabilities and providers a number of features which makes it a must-have in every home and work place. Here are a few advanced features from LED reading lights.

LED Reading Light Features

Modern lighting devices are equipped with many advanced features and among the breakthrough that is incorporated in almost all units and models is the LED technology. With this kind of technology incorporated in reading lights, there are also other features that are worth investing in on this device.

No eye strain

One great thing about the LED reading light is its no-eye-strain feature which relieves the eyes of any stress and tiredness brought about by extended hours of reading. Due to the even distribution of light along with the sufficient level of brightness or illumination when reading or whenever working on something, they eyes endure lesser amount of strain even from extended hours of work or reading. These devices are also equipped with adjustable brightness to provide you with the level of illumination that you want for any of your ventures.

Compact size

Reading lights are also much more compact and smaller in size compared to lamps, flashlights and any lighting devices. With this smaller size, it can be fitted in any tight areas and can also be used as a bookmark for books while you read. Having a small size also allows you to position the light source wherever you want. If you’re working on tight spaces such as under the car or within the corners, and if you don’t want to bother others when you’re reading books on your bed, you can simply use a small LED reading light.

Flexible neck and adjustable head

A lamp that can be adjusted in any angles and can be turned on any directions will provide more convenience for you in anything that you do. These LED reading lights come designed with an adjustable neck which lets you bend and turn the light wherever you want to position them without having to move the whole device. It has a 360 degrees moving angle which provides lighting in any direction. Other models feature a moving head which allows users to raise or lower the direction of the light if the unit is fixed.


Another best thing about LED reading lights is that they are very portable and can be brought and used anywhere and anytime. With its light and compact size feature, it can be fitted in the purse, pocket or even used as a bookmark as mentioned earlier. It doesn’t have much complicated components as well as wires which makes the device easy to handle and store.

Easy controls

One thing that makes it even more advanced than the ordinary push button whenever managing your lights is the touch sensor or easy touch whenever controlling your light. LED reading lights come designed with these advanced control features. It is fairly easy to control with a simply touch and can also be adjusted in various different preferences.


While it is portable, the device also doesn’t require batteries which require constant replacement whenever depleted. As soon as the power is out, the device can simply be recharged for future use. The best thing about it is that it can also be used while it is charging. With this feature, it could save more on the battery replacement costs. Battery life for these devices is also rather long compared to ordinary lighting devices that make use of replaceable batteries.

Device compatibility

This reading light can also be used in various devices. Some reading lights come with slots and ports to be integrated for various devices such as the computer or even the smart phone. The best thing about this feature is that while it is being used, it is also charging as it is plugged into another power source.


Last but not the least, LED reading lights are more convenient on the budget compared to traditional lighting devices such as flashlights and lamps. The LED lighting technology also makes of recycled and environment-friendly materials which makes it even more inexpensive than other options and even safe to the environment. Also, in addition to its cheaper price, this device is also well-built with durable plastic material that is resistant to heat and against pressure.

LED reading lights are not just for reading, it can also be used for other applications such as when working with your computer or working desk in the dark, it can also be used as lighting for tight and narrow spaces and corners. Likewise, many such devices can also be used in various places and can even be used under water for a few minutes.

Why Drinking Water Dispenser for Office Use Is Needed in the Workplace

Clean, crisp and fresh drinking water is vital in our lives not only at home but also in our working space or office. Having a drinking water dispenser for office use plays an important role in the productivity of the employees. Whether they gather around the dining hall or mess area to discuss personal matters or simply catch up with fellow workers, you will find them huddling around the drinking water dispenser.

Usually our workers do not discuss or ask where our water is sourced from. They do not think about the water they consume while at the office throughout the day.

But employers must remember how vital it is to ensure that the water their employees drink is always sanitary and tastes great. Thus, it is critical that drinking water dispenser for office use must always be on their top priority.Water Dispensers

Why an office water dispenser is needed and what are the benefits it provides?

Having the appropriate and working water dispenser is important to any office or workplace. You do not expect your employees to buy bottled water every now and then or even bring their own water supply to office. First, buying bottled water cost them hard earned money, it greatly contributes to our growing plastic problems and since they need it chilled or cold, they might need a freezer or refrigerator to keep it cold. And by this, expect your electric bill to increase, as they will keep on opening and closing the ref’s door to get their water. Bringing their own could likewise be a hassle as most of them as loaded with work and might forget to bring their own water. Now you do not want them to get dehydrated do you?

If you have an office water dispenser, you will benefit not only your employees but also your office. If installed by highly skilled professionals, you will have a flawless connection to your office’s current water for an unlimited supply. Your tap water will be filtered from any elements using high-grade carbons and Nanoceramic. The filtration process will basically remove all contaminants and unpleasant taste and smell, giving your fresh, clean and crisp water.

An office water dispenser can boost productivity. Keeping your employees hydrated makes them productive. Dehydration could suppress blood flow to our brain and reduce cognitive performance. With the right water dispenser, you provide your workers clean, safe and fresh water anytime.

An office water dispenser can provide the type of water your employee or guest they want. Some may want chilled, others want water to be at room temperature. Whatever their preference may be, you can be sure that with a drinking water dispenser for office use in place, they will enjoy more clean and safe water at work.

Which Drinking Water Dispenser Is Best?

Selecting the best water dispenser for your office use can initially be tricky, difficult at times. But once you narrowed down your choices and understand more of what your office’s unique drinking needs is, you can then quickly slim down your choices.

First, ask yourself, how many employees do I have? How many of these employees actually use the drinking water dispenser? Once you have the answer for these, ask yourself further. Does your office have space for a water dispenser? What size can the space accommodate and is your business trying to save money by using energy efficient appliances? If you have the answers to these questions, you might as well have the solution for a drinking water dispenser for office.

So, what would be the ideal office water dispenser for me?

There are actually lots of drinking water dispenser to choose from, but to help you out, we have simplified the choices to just two:

For small to medium office, having a drinking water dispenser with two taps is ideal. With two taps, you have chilled still and chilled still sparkling water. Some models even have a hot and cold, cold and natural water taps. These models of course use electric power, and if you are trying to save money, this needs a second thought.

Office water dispenser with three taps is perfect for office with medium to high volume. By this, it means that your office is relatively large, employing a bit large workers. It dispenses chilled still, chilled sparkling and ambient water. Again, some water dispensers that has three taps offers, cold, hot and natural water, and just like the first type, it runs on electricity.

As a bonus, choosing the right drinking water dispenser for your office will also depend on how much your workers can actually consume in a day, a week or in a month. It is vital to know this as some dispenser might work effectively if used for a certain volume. Other dispensers are built to cater big requirements, and some are in between. Whatever your need is, you can be sure there is always that perfect drinking water dispenser for you and your office.

Final Thoughts:

If you are running a small business with a few employees or a large corporation with lots of workers going about, you can be sure that they need different types of water. They as a matter of fact, need clean, safe and fresh water everyday to keep them hydrated and productive.

While you will come across thousands of ads selling and offering numerous drinking water dispenser, one thing is almost certain, you need to install the right filtered water dispenser in your office. It will be the best investment not only for you and your office, but also for your workers.

Did you know that using clean, fresh and crisp water for your coffee can actually make this favorite hot beverage even flavorful? Coffee may mask the odor or taste of your tap water, but using fresh and crisp water can bring out the flavor of your coffee or juice. So invest in a drinking water dispenser today and taste the difference.