Why You Need to Use Hand Creams Often and How To Apply It

Our hands get all the abuse as compared to the rest of our body. We use it every day and almost every minute of our waking hours. And while it is one of the most utilized parts of our body, our hands get to have the least attention it truly deserves.

From typing on a keyboard or smartphone to picking clothes and washing the dishes, the skin on our hands gets damaged by all of these abuses. Not to mention the external factors like pollution and cold weather that hits us every day. Other people get to have a not so beautiful skin on their hands due to genetic anomalies or heredity. Some are lucky to be blessed with supple skin but be wary though, even those with soft skins can suffer from dryness and scaling.

And while a lot of us are quite happy or contended to have a cabinet full of moisturizers, face creams, body lotion, perfumes and what-have-you beauty regimen, just a handful actually are really using hand cream often. We often think that our hands do not get noticed anyway as compared to our face and lower extremities. But do not be fooled, when the skin of our hands gets dry and rough, shaking the hands of others, you become hesitant, you become conscious and if you have rough and scaly hands your self esteem seems to go down the drain.

A lot of beauty expert say, that compared to the rest of our body, the skin on our hands age just as fast as the skin on our face. You will see almost immediately the signs of the abuse you gave to your hands just as you will see the damages on your face. Neglecting the hands leaves them defenseless against these elements. It allows signs of ageing and neglect like pigmentation, wrinkles, roughness, dryness and dehydration to creep in.hand creams

Why do I need to use hand creams?

With all the abuse your hands get, it is but proper to pamper it with hand creams. It allows the skin on your hands to rehydrate and heal. Hand creams also help the skin improve its elasticity. It slows down the ageing process; reduce the wrinkles, eliminates cracks and soothes the skin, giving you smoother and supple skin.

Some people tend to do away with hand lotions simply because they do not like the greasy feeling that some hand lotions leaves. They avoid it like a plague, and though they may get away with it for the first time, eventually when wrinkles and severe dryness comes, they will or have to pop some hand creams ultimately.

Moreover, using hand creams as frequently as possible can combat the early signs of premature ageing. It can also boost moisture level, protects you from harmful rays and gives you supple and younger looking skin. The more beautiful the skin on your hands, the smoother it looks, and the more confident you will be.

How do I use hand creams?

There is actually no right or wrong when using hand creams. There is no exact science to it, just purely the love for yourself. However, there are some experts that strongly suggest that using hand lotion is best used during the night just before you retire to bed when your skin is on the healing process. Others also recommend to use it as often as possible, night and day, depending on the condition of your skin and how frequent you wash your hands.

To apply hand creams, simply use the cream every time you wash your hands or when you think that the skin on your hands feels dry or dehydrated. You will know if the skin on your hand is dehydrated when you scratch it and see visible marks to it. When going outdoors, use hand creams that has sunscreen protection or SPF, and use a rich, emollient cream before you hit the sack.

Squeeze a generous amount of cream onto the back of your hand and rub the back of your hands against it. By doing so, the skin on top of your hands which is thinner absorbs more moisture.

Remember that the skin at the back of your hand have lesser sebaceous glands and can become dry almost immediately. Furthermore, when using hand creams with SPF, apply more on the top of the hands where the sun beats it more often as compared to your palm.

For best results, use a glove after applying your hand cream at night. Wear the gloves for about fifteen minutes. This allows the skin to trap and absorb the much needed moisture efficiently and effectively. If you do not like the scent of hand creams, there are lots of scent free creams in the market today. Simply check the label and make sure that it says, fragrance or scent free creams. Otherwise, use a glove after applying a hand cream and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes or until the scent is totally gone.

When planning to purchase the best hand creams for dry hands, you should read the hand cream reviews from HandCreamLab and always remember to know the type of skin you have . You may not need a thick cream if your skin is oily. Or You may need a daily use cream and not some express hydration creams especially when you have normal skin.

It is also ideal to get hand creams that contains SPF or offers protection from the harmful UV Rays. Creams with SPF get absorbed by the skin faster as compared to those that has no SPF.

Also, select a hand cream that you actually need. If you need to remove some dark spots, hand creams with skin-lightening properties should do the job. If you are suffering from wrinkles, hand creams with skin-tightening properties will help you fight pre-mature ageing.

Make sure it has antioxidants and AHAs perfect in fighting those wrinkles and lines. Lastly, check if the products suit you or it does not contain any ingredients that you are allergic to. Know if it is hypoallergenic or not before buying it. You will only waste money not to mention the irritation you will get, doing you more harm than good.

So indulge yourself in hand creams today. Use this beauty product in order to avoid unsightly hands and skin. A dab of cream every day will really do wonders on your hands and will make it smooth, supple and beautiful. When applying hand creams on your hands, think of it as a mini vacation. Just close your eyes and massage your hands until the cream is completely absorbed by your hands.

Bonus: Hand creams protect not only the skin on our hands, it also protects our finger nails from chaffing and cracking. Your cuticles also get some benefits when using hand creams. By massaging your hands with your cream, your nails become stronger, longer and healthier. It will also make your manicure look more beautiful.

More bonus: Frizzy hair? A little hand cream can do the trick. Just put a small amount of hand cream on your hands and lather it over your hard to tame curly hair. You will definitely love the results.

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