Carry-On Travel Essentials for Beauty Lovers

Planning for a trip is not easy. But in order not to spoil your trip, it’s important that you plan your travel well and that includes taking note of the essential things to bring for your trip. If looking fresh and beautiful is important to you, then you should include some beauty essentials in your carry-on. These things can help to make you look great no matter how tiring traveling can become.

So here’s a list of the carry-on essentials for beauty lovers.Carry-On Travel Essentials for Beauty Lovers

Makeup Mirror

You may need to do a quick check-up of how your face looks while you’re sitting comfortably at the airport’s waiting terminal, inside the plane, or anywhere during your trip. In this case, a portable makeup mirror is highly recommended. With a makeup mirror, there’s no longer a need for you to keep on going to the toilet to check how you look.

When looking for a makeup mirror to buy, choose something that’s ideal for travelling. These mirrors are usually foldable, compact, and lightweight. If you’re someone who has a vision problem and may need to take your glasses off each time you put your makeup, then choose a magnified makeup mirror. There are also mirrors that are accented with LED lights and powered by a battery and these are very useful when putting makeup in the dark.

Makeup Set

Of course, it won’t be possible to put on your makeup without a reliable makeup set. Therefore, aside from your makeup mirror, you must also have a makeup set on your carry-on for when you need to retouch your makeup. Your makeup set should include an eyeliner, mascara, powder, eye shadow, lipstick, and anything that you believe is necessary to achieve a flawless look. Just make sure you match your makeup with the outfits that you bring along your travel and include a makeup remover so you can easily remove your makeup before going to bed at night.


You also need to have a concealer to go with your makeup set. In fact, a concealer is a must if you want to look flawless in your makeup. There are also concealers that come with a primer. This combination is perfect because the primer can help to smooth out your skin and fill fine lines, while the concealer works by camouflaging your dark under eye circles and hide all the imperfections.

Flat Iron

When it comes to looking great when traveling, it’s important to ensure that our hair looks fabulous as well. A portable flat iron for hair straightening would come in handy when it comes to keeping your hair look at its best when traveling. These devices are usually smaller compared to the usual flat iron so you can simply keep it in your handbag and take it off anytime for a quick re-touch.

You’ll find plenty of mini flat irons being sold in the market now. They are available in different sizes, are made from different materials, and have different features. Think of your needs before you decide to purchase any of them. The most important thing to remember is to choose something that’s portable and handy so it won’t be a hassle on your carry-on.

Hair Stuff

The flat iron is not the only thing you need when it comes to keeping your hair to look at its best when traveling. You also need to bring other hair essentials such as a good hairbrush, and some hair bands and clips. These things can help to prevent your hair from looking messy while on travel.

Aside from these quick hair solutions, you may also need to consider carrying a shampoo especially if you’re someone who is very particular about using a specific brand for your hair. You cannot expect those free toiletries at your hotel to make your hair look best.  There is also a dry shampoo that you can use without the need to wash or wet your hair. This is very useful for when you want to make your hair look fresh and clean and you don’t have enough time to take a shower.

Antibacterial Gel

Although antibacterial gel may not be considered a beauty essential, it’s quite necessary for traveling. You may not be aware but traveling actually exposes you to public places where bacteria, germs, and viruses are spreading. Just think about how many times you end up touching your face unconsciously. This is actually one of the reasons why you could develop skin infection and allergies while on travel. So to avoid this, you should include an antibacterial gel in your carry-on.

Cleansing Tonic

You should continue to look after your skin even when you’re traveling. Thus, you have to pack a cleansing tonic in your carry-on as well. If your cleansing tonic is too bulky to be packed in your carry-on, you can transfer it in a small bottle and pack it along with your makeup essentials. Use the tonic as you normally would, most especially after your tour where you spend so much time in the outdoors. The tonic can help to clean out your pores, removing dust and dirt that have gotten into your face.


You may already have some medicines in your carry-on, but don’t forget to carry vitamins and beauty supplements, too. Whether it is for your skin or hair, these supplements help to nourish your body when traveling. Sometimes, traveling could sap your energy and this could affect your looks, too. You need the supplements to keep you looking beautiful despite the stress and the fatigue that comes with travelling.


Looking beautiful and chic even when you’re traveling is not really that difficult for as long as you have all your beauty essentials on your carry-on. The list above can serve as your guide for the things that you need to pack if you want to look at your best when traveling. You should also consider investing in a reliable carry-on bag that’s capable of accommodating all your beauty essentials.