Led Reading Light For Bed – Full Buyer’s Guide

Are you a book worm and love reading books even at night? There are practically no disadvantages of reading books and there are a plethora of benefits to get and learn from it. Unfortunately, reading books at night may not be very convenient to many because of poor lighting. For others, using the main lights in the room may not be convenient since it can disturb others especially during the sleeping hours. Flashlights on the other hand can also prove to be useful in this regard however it doesn’t have much capability to be stored in small places and the radius as well as the brightness of the light cannot be controlled for smaller applications such as reading books. With the modern advancements that we have today, we are now able to read conveniently in the dark without having to disturb others – and that is through an LED reading light for bed. Here are a few things you need to know about this device.the books

LED Reading Lights

We could say that LED reading lights is among the handiest innovations that we have today. This is for the considerable number of applications that this device can be used and the level of convenience that it provides is beyond impressive. While this type of lighting device is much smaller than the ordinary lamp or light within the room, it also provides the same capabilities and providers a number of features which makes it a must-have in every home and work place. Here are a few advanced features from LED reading lights.

LED Reading Light Features

Modern lighting devices are equipped with many advanced features and among the breakthrough that is incorporated in almost all units and models is the LED technology. With this kind of technology incorporated in reading lights, there are also other features that are worth investing in on this device.

No eye strain

One great thing about the LED reading light is its no-eye-strain feature which relieves the eyes of any stress and tiredness brought about by extended hours of reading. Due to the even distribution of light along with the sufficient level of brightness or illumination when reading or whenever working on something, they eyes endure lesser amount of strain even from extended hours of work or reading. These devices are also equipped with adjustable brightness to provide you with the level of illumination that you want for any of your ventures.

Compact size

Reading lights are also much more compact and smaller in size compared to lamps, flashlights and any lighting devices. With this smaller size, it can be fitted in any tight areas and can also be used as a bookmark for books while you read. Having a small size also allows you to position the light source wherever you want. If you’re working on tight spaces such as under the car or within the corners, and if you don’t want to bother others when you’re reading books on your bed, you can simply use a small LED reading light.

Flexible neck and adjustable head

A lamp that can be adjusted in any angles and can be turned on any directions will provide more convenience for you in anything that you do. These LED reading lights come designed with an adjustable neck which lets you bend and turn the light wherever you want to position them without having to move the whole device. It has a 360 degrees moving angle which provides lighting in any direction. Other models feature a moving head which allows users to raise or lower the direction of the light if the unit is fixed.


Another best thing about LED reading lights is that they are very portable and can be brought and used anywhere and anytime. With its light and compact size feature, it can be fitted in the purse, pocket or even used as a bookmark as mentioned earlier. It doesn’t have much complicated components as well as wires which makes the device easy to handle and store.

Easy controls

One thing that makes it even more advanced than the ordinary push button whenever managing your lights is the touch sensor or easy touch whenever controlling your light. LED reading lights come designed with these advanced control features. It is fairly easy to control with a simply touch and can also be adjusted in various different preferences.


While it is portable, the device also doesn’t require batteries which require constant replacement whenever depleted. As soon as the power is out, the device can simply be recharged for future use. The best thing about it is that it can also be used while it is charging. With this feature, it could save more on the battery replacement costs. Battery life for these devices is also rather long compared to ordinary lighting devices that make use of replaceable batteries.

Device compatibility

This reading light can also be used in various devices. Some reading lights come with slots and ports to be integrated for various devices such as the computer or even the smart phone. The best thing about this feature is that while it is being used, it is also charging as it is plugged into another power source.


Last but not the least, LED reading lights are more convenient on the budget compared to traditional lighting devices such as flashlights and lamps. The LED lighting technology also makes of recycled and environment-friendly materials which makes it even more inexpensive than other options and even safe to the environment. Also, in addition to its cheaper price, this device is also well-built with durable plastic material that is resistant to heat and against pressure.

LED reading lights are not just for reading, it can also be used for other applications such as when working with your computer or working desk in the dark, it can also be used as lighting for tight and narrow spaces and corners. Likewise, many such devices can also be used in various places and can even be used under water for a few minutes.

Why Drinking Water Dispenser for Office Use Is Needed in the Workplace

Clean, crisp and fresh drinking water is vital in our lives not only at home but also in our working space or office. Having a drinking water dispenser for office use plays an important role in the productivity of the employees. Whether they gather around the dining hall or mess area to discuss personal matters or simply catch up with fellow workers, you will find them huddling around the drinking water dispenser.

Usually our workers do not discuss or ask where our water is sourced from. They do not think about the water they consume while at the office throughout the day.

But employers must remember how vital it is to ensure that the water their employees drink is always sanitary and tastes great. Thus, it is critical that drinking water dispenser for office use must always be on their top priority.Water Dispensers

Why an office water dispenser is needed and what are the benefits it provides?

Having the appropriate and working water dispenser is important to any office or workplace. You do not expect your employees to buy bottled water every now and then or even bring their own water supply to office. First, buying bottled water cost them hard earned money, it greatly contributes to our growing plastic problems and since they need it chilled or cold, they might need a freezer or refrigerator to keep it cold. And by this, expect your electric bill to increase, as they will keep on opening and closing the ref’s door to get their water. Bringing their own could likewise be a hassle as most of them as loaded with work and might forget to bring their own water. Now you do not want them to get dehydrated do you?

If you have an office water dispenser, you will benefit not only your employees but also your office. If installed by highly skilled professionals, you will have a flawless connection to your office’s current water for an unlimited supply. Your tap water will be filtered from any elements using high-grade carbons and Nanoceramic. The filtration process will basically remove all contaminants and unpleasant taste and smell, giving your fresh, clean and crisp water.

An office water dispenser can boost productivity. Keeping your employees hydrated makes them productive. Dehydration could suppress blood flow to our brain and reduce cognitive performance. With the right water dispenser, you provide your workers clean, safe and fresh water anytime.

An office water dispenser can provide the type of water your employee or guest they want. Some may want chilled, others want water to be at room temperature. Whatever their preference may be, you can be sure that with a drinking water dispenser for office use in place, they will enjoy more clean and safe water at work.

Which Drinking Water Dispenser Is Best?

Selecting the best water dispenser for your office use can initially be tricky, difficult at times. But once you narrowed down your choices and understand more of what your office’s unique drinking needs is, you can then quickly slim down your choices.

First, ask yourself, how many employees do I have? How many of these employees actually use the drinking water dispenser? Once you have the answer for these, ask yourself further. Does your office have space for a water dispenser? What size can the space accommodate and is your business trying to save money by using energy efficient appliances? If you have the answers to these questions, you might as well have the solution for a drinking water dispenser for office.

So, what would be the ideal office water dispenser for me?

There are actually lots of drinking water dispenser to choose from, but to help you out, we have simplified the choices to just two:

For small to medium office, having a drinking water dispenser with two taps is ideal. With two taps, you have chilled still and chilled still sparkling water. Some models even have a hot and cold, cold and natural water taps. These models of course use electric power, and if you are trying to save money, this needs a second thought.

Office water dispenser with three taps is perfect for office with medium to high volume. By this, it means that your office is relatively large, employing a bit large workers. It dispenses chilled still, chilled sparkling and ambient water. Again, some water dispensers that has three taps offers, cold, hot and natural water, and just like the first type, it runs on electricity.

As a bonus, choosing the right drinking water dispenser for your office will also depend on how much your workers can actually consume in a day, a week or in a month. It is vital to know this as some dispenser might work effectively if used for a certain volume. Other dispensers are built to cater big requirements, and some are in between. Whatever your need is, you can be sure there is always that perfect drinking water dispenser for you and your office.

Final Thoughts:

If you are running a small business with a few employees or a large corporation with lots of workers going about, you can be sure that they need different types of water. They as a matter of fact, need clean, safe and fresh water everyday to keep them hydrated and productive.

While you will come across thousands of ads selling and offering numerous drinking water dispenser, one thing is almost certain, you need to install the right filtered water dispenser in your office. It will be the best investment not only for you and your office, but also for your workers.

Did you know that using clean, fresh and crisp water for your coffee can actually make this favorite hot beverage even flavorful? Coffee may mask the odor or taste of your tap water, but using fresh and crisp water can bring out the flavor of your coffee or juice. So invest in a drinking water dispenser today and taste the difference.

Carry-On Travel Essentials for Beauty Lovers

Planning for a trip is not easy. But in order not to spoil your trip, it’s important that you plan your travel well and that includes taking note of the essential things to bring for your trip. If looking fresh and beautiful is important to you, then you should include some beauty essentials in your carry-on. These things can help to make you look great no matter how tiring traveling can become.

So here’s a list of the carry-on essentials for beauty lovers.Carry-On Travel Essentials for Beauty Lovers

Makeup Mirror

You may need to do a quick check-up of how your face looks while you’re sitting comfortably at the airport’s waiting terminal, inside the plane, or anywhere during your trip. In this case, a portable makeup mirror is highly recommended. With a makeup mirror, there’s no longer a need for you to keep on going to the toilet to check how you look.

When looking for a makeup mirror to buy, choose something that’s ideal for travelling. These mirrors are usually foldable, compact, and lightweight. If you’re someone who has a vision problem and may need to take your glasses off each time you put your makeup, then choose a magnified makeup mirror. There are also mirrors that are accented with LED lights and powered by a battery and these are very useful when putting makeup in the dark.

Makeup Set

Of course, it won’t be possible to put on your makeup without a reliable makeup set. Therefore, aside from your makeup mirror, you must also have a makeup set on your carry-on for when you need to retouch your makeup. Your makeup set should include an eyeliner, mascara, powder, eye shadow, lipstick, and anything that you believe is necessary to achieve a flawless look. Just make sure you match your makeup with the outfits that you bring along your travel and include a makeup remover so you can easily remove your makeup before going to bed at night.


You also need to have a concealer to go with your makeup set. In fact, a concealer is a must if you want to look flawless in your makeup. There are also concealers that come with a primer. This combination is perfect because the primer can help to smooth out your skin and fill fine lines, while the concealer works by camouflaging your dark under eye circles and hide all the imperfections.

Flat Iron

When it comes to looking great when traveling, it’s important to ensure that our hair looks fabulous as well. A portable flat iron for hair straightening would come in handy when it comes to keeping your hair look at its best when traveling. These devices are usually smaller compared to the usual flat iron so you can simply keep it in your handbag and take it off anytime for a quick re-touch.

You’ll find plenty of mini flat irons being sold in the market now. They are available in different sizes, are made from different materials, and have different features. Think of your needs before you decide to purchase any of them. The most important thing to remember is to choose something that’s portable and handy so it won’t be a hassle on your carry-on.

Hair Stuff

The flat iron is not the only thing you need when it comes to keeping your hair to look at its best when traveling. You also need to bring other hair essentials such as a good hairbrush, and some hair bands and clips. These things can help to prevent your hair from looking messy while on travel.

Aside from these quick hair solutions, you may also need to consider carrying a shampoo especially if you’re someone who is very particular about using a specific brand for your hair. You cannot expect those free toiletries at your hotel to make your hair look best.  There is also a dry shampoo that you can use without the need to wash or wet your hair. This is very useful for when you want to make your hair look fresh and clean and you don’t have enough time to take a shower.

Antibacterial Gel

Although antibacterial gel may not be considered a beauty essential, it’s quite necessary for traveling. You may not be aware but traveling actually exposes you to public places where bacteria, germs, and viruses are spreading. Just think about how many times you end up touching your face unconsciously. This is actually one of the reasons why you could develop skin infection and allergies while on travel. So to avoid this, you should include an antibacterial gel in your carry-on.

Cleansing Tonic

You should continue to look after your skin even when you’re traveling. Thus, you have to pack a cleansing tonic in your carry-on as well. If your cleansing tonic is too bulky to be packed in your carry-on, you can transfer it in a small bottle and pack it along with your makeup essentials. Use the tonic as you normally would, most especially after your tour where you spend so much time in the outdoors. The tonic can help to clean out your pores, removing dust and dirt that have gotten into your face.


You may already have some medicines in your carry-on, but don’t forget to carry vitamins and beauty supplements, too. Whether it is for your skin or hair, these supplements help to nourish your body when traveling. Sometimes, traveling could sap your energy and this could affect your looks, too. You need the supplements to keep you looking beautiful despite the stress and the fatigue that comes with travelling.


Looking beautiful and chic even when you’re traveling is not really that difficult for as long as you have all your beauty essentials on your carry-on. The list above can serve as your guide for the things that you need to pack if you want to look at your best when traveling. You should also consider investing in a reliable carry-on bag that’s capable of accommodating all your beauty essentials.

Humidifier Benefits For Skin

As we get older, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep our skin healthy. Cold weather, heat, harsh soap, sun exposure, and frequent bathing can all take a toll on our skin. If you’ve noticed that your skin is starting to develop rough, itchy, and scaly patches, it may be time to get a best humidifier for dry skin. Humidifiers come with many benefits. Aside from keeping your surrounding comfortable by providing the right level of humidity, the device also benefits our skin in so many ways.  Here are some ways on how a humidifier can benefit our skin.Humidifier Benefits For Skin

Prevents Dry Skin

The biggest benefit of having a humidifier is that it helps to prevent your skin from getting dry. This is especially beneficial for people with dry and scaly skin. The moisture that the humidifier provides can help to keep your skin to stay hydrated. Furthermore, humidifiers work by infusing moisture into the air, which helps to soothe your dry, itchy, and scaly skin, while giving it a lot of relief.

Health experts have said that the ideal level of humidity to maintain a healthy skin is between 30 and 50 percent. Keeping your home within this level of humidity is a great way to keep your skin to stay supple and hydrated. Humidifiers are especially useful during the dry winter. At this time, you need all the moisture that you can get to keep your skin well hydrated. This can be made possible with the use of the humidifier.

Depending on your circumstances, you might also experience weather-related dryness even during summer. In this case, a humidifier would be beneficial for you all year round and not just during winter. Consider setting one up in your living room so that the rest of your household members can also benefit from the use of a humidifier.

Prevents Chapped Lips

The skin of our lips would also suffer when the weather is dry. Cracked or chapped lips can be due to several factors, but the biggest factor would be the dry weather. This condition occurs fot most people although there are some people who are more prone to developing severely chapped lips known as Cheilitis. There are several ways to treat chapped lips but prevention is always better than cure.

The best way to prevent chapped lips is to maintain a good level of humidity at home using a humidifier. When there’s a humidifier in your home, it will infuse moisture back into your air and this can help to bring relief to your dry and chapped lips. Both kids and adults can benefit from the use of humidifiers. Kids have very sensitive skin and it’s so easy for them to develop chapped lips. To prevent this, you should keep a humidifier operating at your home at all times, especially during the dry winter weather.

Prevent Wrinkles

While wrinkles are a natural part of aging and would appear as you get older, there are certain factors that could increase your chances of developing wrinkles early and one of these is the dry weather. As mentioned above, if the air in your home is too dry and lacks humidity, this could lead to dry skin. Aside from making your skin to get rough and scaly, a dry skin can also make you susceptible to wrinkles.

If you don’t want to develop wrinkles earlier, make it a habit to use a humidifier in your home. This device may not be able to treat your wrinkles but it does help to prevent wrinkles from developing in your skin. As you know, prevention is always better than cure. If you don’t use a humidifier, the air in your surrounding could easily dry your skin out and this will make you more prone to developing wrinkles. The humidifier can release moisturizing steam to your air and this can help to smooth out your skin, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Keep the Scalp Healthy

The skin in your scalp can also benefit from the use of a humidifier. In fact, the device can help to keep your hair healthy. Remember that if the air in your surrounding is too dry, this could also dry your scalp and this is when you will develop a dry and itchy scalp. Worse, this can even lead to dandruff! Although dandruff is not harmful to your health, it is extremely irritating and somewhat embarrassing too!

To avoid the irritation and embarrassment that comes with having a dry and itchy scalp, you should consider the use of a humidifier in your home. With a humidifier, the level of humidity in your home will be kept to a good level, which prevents your skin and scalp from drying. Furthermore, the humidifier may also help to remove pollution, dust, allergen, and dirt in the air. These harmful substances can also contribute to the dryness of your hair and make your scalp to become irritated.

Other Health Benefits

Aside from benefiting your skin, the humidifier can also provide you with several other health benefits. If you are not yet convinced about the many benefits that the humidifier can do for your skin, then check out these health benefits of using a humidifier.

  • Minimize the risk of infections – bacteria and viruses cannot travel well in the moist air. By having a humidifier, you can keep the air in your home moist, which prevents bacteria and viruses from spreading. As a result, you and your loved ones will be healthy all year long.
  • Comfortable sinuses – that dry and tight feeling you get on your nose during winter is truly annoying. Even if you’re not suffering from a cold, this could still happen to you all because of the dry winter air weather. This can be avoided if you have a working humidifier at home. If you operate a humidifier at night when you sleep, you’ll wake up feeling better, thanks to the feeling of comfort that the device gives to your throat and nose!
  • Faster healing – if you do end up with a cold and sinus infection, or even a flue during winter, the humidifier can help to shorten your suffering. Thanks to its ability to keep the air moist, your throat and nasal passages will be moist as well, which helps you to get healed faster. This also helps to minimize any symptoms, such as sneezing and coughing.
  • Improved sleep – do you know that the humidifier may help to prevent snoring? Yes, that’s right! Most of the time, the reason why we snore is that our throats and sinuses are dry, making it difficult for us to breath at night. With a moist environment, you’ll be able to breathe easily when you sleep, which also prevents you from snoring.


As you can see, the humidifier indeed comes with so many benefits, aside from helping to keep our skin healthy. But you also need to make sure that you clean and maintain your humidifier device regularly. They tend to attract specks of dust and debris easily and if you don’t clean it up, mold and bacteria will start to grow on the device and these substances could get released into the air once the humidifier starts operating. So if you want to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, you should know how to clean and maintain your humidifier.

Why You Need to Use Hand Creams Often and How To Apply It

Our hands get all the abuse as compared to the rest of our body. We use it every day and almost every minute of our waking hours. And while it is one of the most utilized parts of our body, our hands get to have the least attention it truly deserves.

From typing on a keyboard or smartphone to picking clothes and washing the dishes, the skin on our hands gets damaged by all of these abuses. Not to mention the external factors like pollution and cold weather that hits us every day. Other people get to have a not so beautiful skin on their hands due to genetic anomalies or heredity. Some are lucky to be blessed with supple skin but be wary though, even those with soft skins can suffer from dryness and scaling.

And while a lot of us are quite happy or contended to have a cabinet full of moisturizers, face creams, body lotion, perfumes and what-have-you beauty regimen, just a handful actually are really using hand cream often. We often think that our hands do not get noticed anyway as compared to our face and lower extremities. But do not be fooled, when the skin of our hands gets dry and rough, shaking the hands of others, you become hesitant, you become conscious and if you have rough and scaly hands your self esteem seems to go down the drain.

A lot of beauty expert say, that compared to the rest of our body, the skin on our hands age just as fast as the skin on our face. You will see almost immediately the signs of the abuse you gave to your hands just as you will see the damages on your face. Neglecting the hands leaves them defenseless against these elements. It allows signs of ageing and neglect like pigmentation, wrinkles, roughness, dryness and dehydration to creep in.hand creams

Why do I need to use hand creams?

With all the abuse your hands get, it is but proper to pamper it with hand creams. It allows the skin on your hands to rehydrate and heal. Hand creams also help the skin improve its elasticity. It slows down the ageing process; reduce the wrinkles, eliminates cracks and soothes the skin, giving you smoother and supple skin.

Some people tend to do away with hand lotions simply because they do not like the greasy feeling that some hand lotions leaves. They avoid it like a plague, and though they may get away with it for the first time, eventually when wrinkles and severe dryness comes, they will or have to pop some hand creams ultimately.

Moreover, using hand creams as frequently as possible can combat the early signs of premature ageing. It can also boost moisture level, protects you from harmful rays and gives you supple and younger looking skin. The more beautiful the skin on your hands, the smoother it looks, and the more confident you will be.

How do I use hand creams?

There is actually no right or wrong when using hand creams. There is no exact science to it, just purely the love for yourself. However, there are some experts that strongly suggest that using hand lotion is best used during the night just before you retire to bed when your skin is on the healing process. Others also recommend to use it as often as possible, night and day, depending on the condition of your skin and how frequent you wash your hands.

To apply hand creams, simply use the cream every time you wash your hands or when you think that the skin on your hands feels dry or dehydrated. You will know if the skin on your hand is dehydrated when you scratch it and see visible marks to it. When going outdoors, use hand creams that has sunscreen protection or SPF, and use a rich, emollient cream before you hit the sack.

Squeeze a generous amount of cream onto the back of your hand and rub the back of your hands against it. By doing so, the skin on top of your hands which is thinner absorbs more moisture.

Remember that the skin at the back of your hand have lesser sebaceous glands and can become dry almost immediately. Furthermore, when using hand creams with SPF, apply more on the top of the hands where the sun beats it more often as compared to your palm.

For best results, use a glove after applying your hand cream at night. Wear the gloves for about fifteen minutes. This allows the skin to trap and absorb the much needed moisture efficiently and effectively. If you do not like the scent of hand creams, there are lots of scent free creams in the market today. Simply check the label and make sure that it says, fragrance or scent free creams. Otherwise, use a glove after applying a hand cream and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes or until the scent is totally gone.

When planning to purchase the best hand creams for dry hands, you should read the hand cream reviews from HandCreamLab and always remember to know the type of skin you have . You may not need a thick cream if your skin is oily. Or You may need a daily use cream and not some express hydration creams especially when you have normal skin.

It is also ideal to get hand creams that contains SPF or offers protection from the harmful UV Rays. Creams with SPF get absorbed by the skin faster as compared to those that has no SPF.

Also, select a hand cream that you actually need. If you need to remove some dark spots, hand creams with skin-lightening properties should do the job. If you are suffering from wrinkles, hand creams with skin-tightening properties will help you fight pre-mature ageing.

Make sure it has antioxidants and AHAs perfect in fighting those wrinkles and lines. Lastly, check if the products suit you or it does not contain any ingredients that you are allergic to. Know if it is hypoallergenic or not before buying it. You will only waste money not to mention the irritation you will get, doing you more harm than good.

So indulge yourself in hand creams today. Use this beauty product in order to avoid unsightly hands and skin. A dab of cream every day will really do wonders on your hands and will make it smooth, supple and beautiful. When applying hand creams on your hands, think of it as a mini vacation. Just close your eyes and massage your hands until the cream is completely absorbed by your hands.

Bonus: Hand creams protect not only the skin on our hands, it also protects our finger nails from chaffing and cracking. Your cuticles also get some benefits when using hand creams. By massaging your hands with your cream, your nails become stronger, longer and healthier. It will also make your manicure look more beautiful.

More bonus: Frizzy hair? A little hand cream can do the trick. Just put a small amount of hand cream on your hands and lather it over your hard to tame curly hair. You will definitely love the results.

Top 5 Places to Buy Essential Oils

Essential oils are taking over the world by storm. These oils are produced by means of a distillation process coming from different botanical plants. During the process of distillation, the oil gets extracted from the plant and thus, the essential oil is produced.  The uses of essential oil date back to the ancient times and are used mainly for culinary, medicinal, and therapeutic purposes. Nowadays, people use these oils for the same reasons.

Now that you knew a bit of information about the essential oils, you probably want to know where you can buy these oils. There are many places that you can purchase the essential oils nowadays. You can find them in your local health food store, supermarket, farmers market, and most of all, from the World Wide Web. In fact, the Internet is the best place to buy these essential oils. Shopping online is very convenient and you’ll be able to get access to a wide variety of essential oils brands.

Below are the top 5 websites where you can buy essential oils online.essential oils statoil masters tennis

1. Edens Garden

Founded in 2009, the Edens Garden is one of the best brands of essential oils in the market today. They are among the leading companies known for selling the best quality essential oils online. Their online shopping site is very straightforward. Simply click on “Shop” and choose the type of essential oils that you need. You will then be presented with a wide variety of 100% pure essential oils. Aside from essential oils, they also sell several other products on their website and there are also kits and sets that are reasonably priced.

The best thing about buying your essential oils from Edens Garden is that they rotate their stock after every two weeks. Thus, you can guarantee that the oils you are buying are fresh. If in case you find that the oil is not what you expected, you can choose to return it within 30 days and you will be given a refund or a credit that you can use in the future.

2. Majestic Pure

Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals is another well-known brand of essential oils that sell their products online. The company is based in the United States and they sell 100% therapeutic essential oils including botanical cosmetics. The company is also known for selling essential oils that are good for the skin, such as lessening the aging process and reducing wrinkles. They also have oils that are great for treating sinuses and nasal congestion.

The website of Majestic Pure is easy to use. You can easily navigate through their online shop to make a purchase. Currently, they use Amazon to fulfill the shipment of all orders. After you shop from their website, you’ll get a confirmation email about the details of your order and the expected delivery date. Majestic Pure stands by the quality of their products by offering a 60-day money back guarantee.

3. The Plant Guru

The Plant Guru started as an online company selling 100% pure essential oils that are therapeutic-grade. They offer fair and competitive pricing and they don’t apply the multi-level marketing schemes, unlike other essential oil brands. However, customers have an option to become a distributor and purchase their products at wholesale price from their website. They value their customers deeply by offering the best quality of products at an affordable price. All their essential oils are globally produced coming from the different farms worldwide.

The essential oils from Plant Guru were manufactured in compliances with the USDA standards and a third party company that makes use of the GC MS method for testing have tested their products for quality and authenticity. They have more than 175 different kinds of essential oils and none of these have any chemicals or pesticides.

4. Radha Beauty

Radha Beauty is among the newest brands of essential oils in the market. Having established in 2014 by Rebekah Letch who grew up in an Indian home in Singapore, Radha Beauty is fast gaining popularity in the industry of essential oils. All of her products are natural, organic, and 100% pure. She created the company for the purpose of providing essential oil blends to women who wanted to make their skin soft and keep their hair healthy and beautiful.

You can purchase the Radha Beauty essential oils directly from their website and they are currently offering a 10% discount on your first order. When buying from the website, simply refer to “Products”, and choose “Essential & Carrier oils”. You can click on each essential oil to find out what it is made of and how it can benefit you.

5. dōTERRA®

dōTERRA is another essential oil company based in the United States that was established in 2008. The company adopts the CPTG or Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade testing in guaranteeing the quality and freshness of their products through a low-heat process of distillation. The company offers a wide range of essential oils that you can purchase directly from their website.

dōTERRA’s products may be a bit more expensive compared to other essential oil brands but they are certainly worth it. What’s more, they also offer a customer rewards program where loyal customers can earn rewards that they can use for future discounts. They have a wide selection of single-ingredient essential oils and a good number of blends that are designed for healing and therapeutic purposes. The website displays different pricing for wholesale and retail purchases. If you are not happy with the products you have purchased, you can always return it for a refund or get a credit that you can use to buy other products.

So these are some of the best places to buy your essential oils online. All these products can also be bought from Amazon and other online shopping sites. You can read reviews from other customers who have experienced buying these essential so you can make a comparison. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the product, you can get in touch with the company through their website.

Reference: www.essentialoildiffuserusa.com

Thermometer and a Toddler

How to Choose The Best Thermometer For Toddlers By Doing Less

When your toddler gets sick, it’s important to know if its fever, and if so how high is the fever. Running high temperature for more a three days consecutively is a sign that you need to see a doctor. Body temperature above 104 degrees can cause seizures in toddlers. That the main reason why it’s important to buy the best thermometer for toddlers for an accurate reading.

In any case, with such a large number of types of thermometers available on the market such as infrared and digital stick thermometers picking the right one of your toddler maybe difficult.

To help you select the best thermometer for your needs, we tested thermometers for exactness (on a non-feverish grown-up), repeatability (whether the same temperature was accomplished over a couple tries), and assessed features and accessories that enhance performance.Thermometer and a Toddler

What should you know about best thermometer for toddlers?

Whatever type of thermometer you choose, it should be easy to use and comfortable for you or your child. With this in mind, we tested ten fever thermometers for accuracy and also quizzed 19 children ages 4 and up to about their comfort level with each thermometer.


In this age bunch, taking an oral temperature is OK, yet some tots may experience difficulty keeping the thermometer in their mouths sufficiently long to get a considerable accurate reading. Choosing an ear thermometer for your toddler is another alternative if the baby knows about the thermometer.

It provides quick temperature reading, however positioning it accurately can be precarious, and you may not get the same temperature in both ears. Temporal course thermometers, which read the infrared warmth waves released by the conduit in the sanctuary along the side of the head, are adequate for babies three months and more seasoned.

Types best thermometer for toddlers

New options have supplanted the glass thermometers you may have grown up with (and which we suggest supplanting; for additional, see underneath). We tested digital stick and infrared thermometers.  Other than the two main thermometers there are the digital pacifier thermometers, the wearable(sticker) and reusable brow thermometer strips used with toddlers.

Digital Stick Thermometers

A digital stick thermometer is the most broadly sold and cheapest sort. Search for one with an LCD that is easy to peruse and a start catch that is easy to press. Numerous thermometers have a discernable beep or other signal showing that the reading is finished—which means you won’t need to continue checking your watch. Advanced thermometers depend on batteries to work.

Choose whether you need a hard tip or flexible tip thermometer. A study done on kids and adults regarding oral temperature reading using a rigid digital stick thermometer and flexible thermometer were notably different.  Numerous rigid thermometers tip is designed to take temperature reading either armpit, rectal or oral temperatures. Not all adaptable tip thermometers used rectally, so you’ll need to read the labels. It used oral, underarm, and rectal (except some flexible-tip models, so be sure to read labels).

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers measure the warmth radiated by the body. Some infrareds can be hard to position, yet their advanced readout takes just 1 to 3 seconds—among the shortest times of the considerable number of thermometers we tested.

Infrared tympanic thermometers measure the temperature inside the ear channel. Take note of that if an ear thermometer test tip is cold, it can give you a cooler reading. Some models have a pre-warming component for better exactness. This kind of thermometer is snappy and easy to use. Not surprisingly, the kids in our study favored temple type thermometers to oral and ear types.

A non-contact infrared thermometer regularly works by holding the thermometer wand a crawl or two from the patient’s brow and pressing a catch to display two red circles of light on the temple. It’s used on forehead, ear, or non-contact (depending on model)

Shopping Tips for best thermometer for toddlers

Here’s what to consider before you buy.

  • Features- A digital thermometers with an alarm that you let you know when the temperature reading is done, has a soft or curved tips, and beeps that let you know when they’re in the right spot.
  • Response Time- A readout from an advanced stick thermometer may take from 10 seconds to over 80 seconds, contingent upon the model. The Infrared thermometer reading takes a second although not accurate as the cheap digital stick thermometer.
  • Safety- Some models accompany test covers, protective case covers, and different accessories that may pose a stifling danger for youngsters. If the model you purchase includes small parts, keep them out of the hands of unsupervised kids.
  • Extras- If you’re to buy a cheap digital stick thermometer, contemplate on buying two:  an oral and rectal thermometer. That way you won’t have to stress over keeping disposable thermometer covers close. Name everyone with indelible marker for its particular use

 Get Rid of Mercury

In any case, you will need an infant thermometer; mercury thermometer shouldn’t be on your list. Although it’s used to be very common, currently experts say you should avoid using it because they are potentially dangerous. If the mercury glass thermometer breaks, the mercury vaporizes leading to very toxic fumes and its exposure is potentially deadly health problems for the child.